Ice Cash & Carry shall strive to provide the highest service, delivery, wide rand of products under compliance with industry regulations and best practice of operational standards. 



To develop unique and sophisticated competition. Preserve stake holder value. Create and sustain a dominant brand by re-defining superior customer service.



Adherence to the requirements of our customers in a manner that surpasses industry norms. Instilling, competitive measures and best quality which promote added value for our customers.




With an evolution-seeking approach and a high level of customer focus, we can comfortably acknowledge that our target market will comprise several segments, telesales, walk in, advertisement etc, all of which will be adequately serviced by our strategic and aggressive methods. Our strategy is to place ice cash & carry in a dominating position to service the levels of market demand, each with its ownunique requirements. These varying levels of focus will not compromise quality in any way but, quite the contrary; it will enable us to refine our services offering in each of these segments to the extent that all customer needs are completely satisfied and our market share experiences progressive growth.



ICnC’s mission is to strive for excellence in the marketing and distribution of a unique range of products. ICnC has a warehouse and cold storage facility, an exceptional operational and management team, marketing network and local collaborations. With our goals set firmly on higher capabilities to enter the local distribution and retails space.



ICnC is a private company duly incorporated and registered in accordance with the laws of South Africa and is registered for both income tax and value added tax.